Katie (desdemona1) wrote,

florida on thursday!!!!!!!

so snow moot was great. it was awesome seeing kris, colin, heather, jackie and john. sean, well its complicated.  matt, a guy, from ventures came too, as our rover advisor. yay. i hadn't seen him in like... 5 yrs probably. its strange though, because he seemed so much the same... just the way i remembered him, only older ofcourse.  so kris and i got talking... did we appear the same to him? like we didn't think he had changed too much... but we both think we have. so have we? its wierd. i'd like i think ive changed. or grown up somewhat. i obviously have some of the same habits i did in highschool. but i don't know. maybe id just like to think ive changed.  anyways... this year we actually played some of the games and activities during the day on saturday, then we did the car rally as usual. it was great. it was heather, kris, matt, jackie and me doing it. the dance was a blast also. colin had to leave after dinner, but he made it back later that night for the dance. it seemed to die down really quickly though. hmm. oh well. still a good time. sunday we left early bc of the church parade and kris and i had to get back to school.  sunday was spenting doing laundry and sleeping. i studied a bit... not as much as i was hoping. but yah.  so im back in burlington now. yay.  i kinda wish i had stayed in barrie another night though, to see cal since i wont see him for  a while. cal and  i are better. atleast i hope so. i talked to him today, kind of. it was on msn, so yah. enough said. but i vented. and cried. but nothing is new with me crying. i just feel bad, bc it seems like i am always frustrated about something, and im scared one of these days my luck is goin to run out and he is goin to say goodbye. which i hope doesn't happen. i <3 him.   ......... stacie is commin by tonight though. ya drinking, probably. lol. tomorrow is a laundry and packing day. i hate having to come home and do laundry so nothing smells like smoke. ew. ew. ew.  but i am soo excited about going to florida for reading week. yay. i leave bright and early thursday morning.
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