Katie (desdemona1) wrote,


ok, again, i know ive been slacking. so in short since the end of the summer:
-ive moved to barrie, and started my HRM program
-i live about crack heads/dangerous drug dealers, literally... they have been evicted and will be out by the end of november
-im still with cal, yay, almost 9 months. go me
-i miss home
-ive had 2 nervous break downs bc of the stress i have been under
-i had 2 jobs plus full time school. one at the bar at my school and one at shoppers drugmart. 
-i quit the bar job bc it was full of bs.
-both my roomates are here now, plus one boyfriend. they are fun.
-ive made all new friends up here
-i saw the hip in concert. they were AMAZING!!
-ive saved up almost enough money for second semster rent, i am one month short. yay. ill get there.
-i missed thanksgiving at home bc i had to work. :(

yah... thats all i can think of right now.
so im done.
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