Katie (desdemona1) wrote,

can't wait to go home and relax......

so things have gotten better. well for the most part. no more random crying. there is a lot of tension with the roomates though. long story, not typing it.  so im pretty much just trying to fix the problems there. and so far, ive been unsucessful. the girls have gone home already, but th boyfriend is still here. yay. not. he fustrates me so much. ugh. hopefully some sort of resolution will come soon.

on a happier note: this weekend was great. friday night, i went to cals when he got off work. brad and matt came by and we all hung out and drank. saturday i lazed around, went to the mall, then went to the queens with girls from school. it was awesome. i needed to get out and have fun so bad. i drank a lot, well a lot more than i had thought when i first left the bar. cal picked me up at 2, and apparently i was quite the handful. he said i was impossible to hold a conversation with bc i kept jumping to other topics and conclusions of what he was trying to say. then  when we got back to his house, he said i kept running upstairs and socializing with one of his roomies and her friends who were over.  cal was not amused... he wanted to sleep. i calmed down and literally passed out. apparently i ran into  his door frame and the basement door a few times... which would explain the bruise on my arm. but i hurt my knee somehow... who knows what i did. sunday  i did nothing! it was great. for once i could do nothing and not worry about getting behind with school work. yay.

so all this week i am working at near north. 830-5 everyday. and ofcourse cal works 5-1030... so i wont be seeing much of him before i go home. which really sucks. i have a feeling this week is going to go by quickly. i can't wait to go home and see my family and stacie!! haha. its been way too long.

so last week i went to milton for some testing for a job at a correctional institute. i hope i did well. i think i did well. i should be hearing back in a few weeks. *crosses fingers*  it would be awesome if i got a job. i want to work at the womens facility in milton. the recuiting officer who was there, said if all goes well and every stage in the process is completed in a timely mannor, the soonest i (and the other people there) would be in pre-employment training would be in may. ya. may. so i hope i pass everything and do well in the interview, then i am home free, bc i know i would pass the fitness testing.  whooo. 


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